heraklion sights


The sights in Heraklion (inside and out) are numerous and can hardly be visited by anyone with the first time on the island.

We recommend starting your walk from the small harbor of Heraklion where the marina for fishing boats is located and walk along the breakwater to the Fortress of Koules, the sea fortress built by the Venetians in Heraklion and located at the entrance of the Venetian harbor. From there, you can continue your walk in the center of Heraklion and admire the “Loggia”, the building that currently houses the town hall of the municipality of Heraklio.

During the Venetian era it was a gathering of nobles who discussed various economic, business and political issues. A little further on you will find the Morosini Fountain or "The Lions", the typical meeting point of Heraklion. Morosini Fountain is one of the most beautiful Venetian monuments of Heraklion that was built for the water supply of the city and not for beauty as many believe. Outside of Heraklion, of course, a unique attraction is the archaeological site of Knossos in which the visitors of the palace of King Minos can admire the remnants of the entire Minoan civilization. A civilization which has affected the evolution of our world. In addition to Knossos, the Aquarium of Crete is another great sight outside of Heraklion.

Creataquarium – Thalassokosmos, as it is well-known, was devised and founded by the Hellenic Center for Marine Research, opened to the public in 2005 and since then it is a daily attraction for thousands of tourists and many people who are interested in the marine world of the Mediterranean sea and the biodiversity of its seabed.


Visitors to Thalassokosmos can admire fishes of all shapes and sizes, sharks, mollusks, crustaceans and shellfish and many other species in their natural environment. Visitors can also look through microscopes to see things that are invisible to the naked eye such as the seabed, and be educated in such a way as to better understand the importance of keeping the seas clean.